Expert Talks

TVO partners with Expert Educators to bring webinars focused on providing learning experiences and sharing exciting new tools and techniques emerging in the evolving field of learning.

Lisa Anne Floyd:

Coding in Mathematics 1-8!

Lisa Anne Floyd presents coding ideas and resources linked directly to

Ontario's new 1-8 Mathematics curriculum. New overall and specific expectations will be highlighted, with sample applications that students can read, alter, and create. Ideas and resources will help support educators and students in face-to-face, blended, and remote learning contexts.

Dr. Chris Suurtamm:

Supporting students engaged in Ontario’s elementary math curriculum

This session focuses on particular aspects of the new Ontario elementary math curriculum that are most relevant for Grades 6 – 9 and will also inform teachers of grades before and after these years.  It goes beyond presenting new content to also discuss approaches to these topics in ways that support student learning. Dr. Suurtamm will provide practical examples, tips, and resources that can be used both in classrooms and in working with students on an individual basis. Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Marian Small:

Approaching Math Ideas Visually

Whether a student is in Grade 6 or Grade 10 or anything in between, many mathematical ideas make much more sense to them when the concepts are presented visually rather than just numerically or algebraically.


Dr. Small will focus on ideas that are usually not presented visually and see how using visuals can help a student make sense of what does not make sense to them in other ways. Many examples at each level from Grades 6 - 10 are provided.


Sometimes Dr. Small will start with a visual and ask what idea a student sees in it and other times we will start with a concept we want to help a student with and explore how to create an appropriate visual. There will be an opportunity to ask questions as well.