TVO Webinars for Educators | Primary Coding and Mathematics (Grades 1-4)

TVO Webinars for Educators | Primary Coding and Mathematics (Grades 1-4)

Looking for tips and inspiration for coding in primary math class?

Join Lisa Anne Floyd as she shares math and coding ideas that can be incorporated into primary classrooms. Guiding questions, Scratchjr code examples and possible assessment tasks will be highlighted as the curriculum expectations for grades 1-4 are explored. The goal of this webinar is to build teachers’ understanding and confidence with connecting to the Algebra expectations (Coding Skills, Patterns and Relationships) in the new Grades 1-8 Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. 

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

at 7-8 PM ET

Lisa Floyd

Lisa Anne loves to share her passion for coding with students and teachers in school districts and educational conferences. She is a PhD Candidate with a focus on math and coding teacher education at Western University, where she also teaches Computational Modelling in Mathematics and Science Education for Intermediate/Senior preservice teachers in the Bachelor of Education program. Lisa Anne has received several teaching and research awards and has published in academic journals, book chapters and blogs. She teaches mathematics in full remote learning in Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario, where she has years of experience teaching high school Computer Science, Mathematics, Science and Cooperative Education.