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The TVO Learn mPower Educator Course has been created to give educators an understanding of the digital learning resource and how it can be used in the classroom and at home. In this course you will explore TVO Learn mPower as a game-based learning resource, register for an educator account, set-up student accounts, learn how to incorporate TVO Learn mPower in your math lessons, and apply new knowledge to personal and collaborative learning processes. 

Module 1: What is TVO Learn mPower?

TVO Learn mPower is a fun and innovative online game-based resource that builds problem-solving, critical thinking and math skills for students K-6. Designed and developed in partnership with Ontario students and educators. TVO Learn mPower is Ontario curriculum-based, assessment-driven, learner-centered and FREE!

mpower banner: 9 million games played, 268 000 registered students and over 65 games to play!

Module 2: Game-Based Learning

“Digital Game-Based Learning is precisely about fun and engagement, and the coming together of and serious learning and interactive entertainment into a newly emerging and highly exciting medium”
-Marc Prensky, Author of Digital Game-Based Learning

There remains to be a lot of confusion in the education community around the term Digital Game-Based Learning. TVO Learn mPower teaches fundamental K-6 math and STEM skills while enabling students to have fun and learn more about the world around them. One of the foundations in the development of the TVO Learn mPower game is research around Digital Game-Based Learning. 

Watch the TED Talk by Jane McGonigal - "Gaming can make a better world"

Module 3: STEM Maker

“Beyond the traditional career paths that call for a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, employers are looking for the skills that STEM helps to foster. A STEM education is desired across a wide range of sectors.”  “Among many sought-after skills, employers often look for the ability to solve problems and make decisions, obtain and process information, and analyze data—all of those happen to be a byproduct of STEM learning.”

Grade 3-6 students playing TVO Learn mPower, launch into a more sophisticated gaming experience. Players engage in Math and STEM experiences while creating their own customized Ontario town. Each time a player completes a math or STEM challenge, they earn resources that they then trade in for new buildings and decorations for their town. The Math and STEM games encourage responsible citizenship and protection of the natural environment.

Each STEM game also includes a STEM Design Challenge. At each grade level, players apply some of the math skills practiced in the math challenges to an authentic real-world task. The STEM challenges support problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship as players experiment with different plans and choices. Each STEM challenge is grade specific, as they are designed to address one or more of the big ideas in Science/Social Studies from that grade’s curriculum.

Image of Canadian Coins and Bills.

Log into TVO Learn mPower

and click on Play Student Games.

Use the TVO Learn mPower Game Plan and choose a pathway to explore the games. Reference the Content & Pedagogy Overview as a guide. 

Play the games at different skill levels in order to see the scaffolding that students receive (i.e., aiming for the correct answer and sometimes deliberately making errors).

Plan a lesson that incorporates one of the TVO Learn mPower games.

TVO Learn mPower Game Plan
Sampler: Play at least one game from each grade level.
Gallery: Play the open ended games in K-2 to explore the Community Gallery.
Stranded: Play the same game in each grade (3-6) to see the progression.
Kid Zone: Create a student account and play the on-boarding of Grade 3-6.

Module 4: Assessment

“The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. Assessment for the purpose of improving student learning is seen as both “assessment for learning” and “assessment as learning”. As part of assessment for learning, teachers provide students with descriptive feedback and coaching for improvement. Teachers engage in assessment as learning by helping all students develop their capacity to be independent, autonomous learners who are able to set individual goals, monitor their own progress, determine next steps, and reflect on their thinking and learning.”

TVO Learn mPower is an assessment-driven series of games based on the Ministry of Education policy document, Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools. The series incorporates “assessment for” and “assessment as” learning strategies in all games from Kindergarten to Grade 6.


TVO Learn mPower may be used alongside other resources as an assessment for learning tool. Insight can be gained into students’ prior knowledge and understanding of a particular mathematical concept by observing them play TVO Learn mPower games one-on-one or during small-group or whole-group learning.

TVO Learn mPower Assessment

Use the "Assessments" link located on the TVO Learn mPower dashboard to view a quick 'at-a-glance' record for each student. Through the Assessments link you will be able to explore which games your students have completed.

Each student will also have a personalized report that provides a profile of their progress.

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