Math & Financial Literacy (Grades 7-8) | TVO Webinars

Grades 7-8: Mathematics | Financial Literacy

What are some possible factors that may affect a person's credit score?

Exchange Rates and Foreign Currencies | Grade 7

Join Teacher Kristina who explores foreign currencies and exchange rates. Research different currencies and learn to convert and compare international currencies with the Canadian dollar.

Factors that Influence Financial Decision-Making | Grade 7

Join Teacher Kristina as she explains how to reflect on factors that influence spending and help us make more informed decisions when it comes to spending money. Discover how identifying these factors and recognizing how they can affect financial well-being.

How to be a Critical Consumer | Grade 8

Discover how to compare a variety of ways to get more value for your money when spending. Teacher Kristina explores the pros and cons of promotional offers and shows how to take advantage of loyaly and incentive programs.

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