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TVO Today is home to balanced, in-depth journalistic videos, articles and podcasts engaged and inform Ontarians on issues that matter. These resources tell important stories about our communities, our country and the interconnected world we live in. Many resources can be shared in schools and are free of advertising.

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Highlighting current stories on Coronavirus, politics, society, Indigenous, Ontario Hubs (featuring perspectives from different regions of Ontario), and The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Some key stories on the Economy, Environment, Food, Health, Science and Technology, and Question Period linked back to the Ontario curriculum.

Thought-provoking TVO documentaries enable you to explore social, political and current affairs through a diverse range of storytelling perspectives. These documentaries cover a variety of topics that link to resources for further learning (e.g. Sugar Coated Doc Interactive Timeline). Series of videos that explore a variety of topics including Heritage Minutes (Canadian historical moments), Main Street Ontario (big cities and small towns across Ontario), and The Water Brothers (our relationship with water).

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