Access 140+ Grade 9-12 online English or French high school courses with our TVO ILC Open House. Available 24/7 on a computer or tablet, these grade 9-12 courses are designed for the digital age. With interactive, media-rich content and opportunities to integrate digital formats into student assignments.

 All content is developed by TVO Ontario Certified Teachers.

This content is not for credit.

Course Features

The TVO ILC Open House courses feature: 

  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Curriculum-aligned activities and assessments
  • Learning Goals and Success Criteria
  • Interactive Elements (Fill-in the blank, printable templates)
  • 3 Part Lesson Format (Minds On, Action, and Consolidation)

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From math and science to business studies and the arts, we offer 140+ courses across a range of subjects in both English and French. TVO education and media professionals have worked together to design these courses so that students can maximize their learning through 110 hours of study per course. Educators can also explore these courses to support their lesson planning.

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