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TVO Learn supports Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum requirements through engaging and interactive learning activities. 

The learning activities explore Mathematics, Language, Science and Technology, Social Studies, History, Geography and more. 

TVO Learn learning activities feature: 

  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Interactive Elements (Fill-in the blank, printable templates)
  • 3 Part Lesson Format (Minds On, Action, and Consolidation)
Subjects at TVO learn, including mathematics, language, science & technology, social studies, the arts, and health & physical education

Why TVO Learn?

With you in mind, TVO’s Ontario certified teachers have developed an overview of the curriculum and associated vocabulary for each subject area, as well as a curated list of engaging videos, articles, podcasts, games and activities to support learning. 

Understand the curriculum requirements and use them to make a lesson plan or immediately access engaging resources and activities to get your students learning now.

This resource is curated by TVO's Ontario Certified Teachers, it is free from advertisement and Ontario of Ministry of Education Approved.

Click on TVO Learn to begin to explore the learning activities and think of ways you can integrate them in your lesson plans! 

TVO Learn connects the power of these TVO educational resources:

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